Weekly Pool Service

Properly maintaining your pool ensures that it remains a source of enjoyment for you and your family, which is why we recommend that one of our skilled technicians visit your pool weekly. They will be able to keep the water clean and the equipment working efficiently by performing various tasks, such as removing debris, skimming the surface, vacuuming the bottom, emptying the skimmer and pump basket, and emptying the bag of your pool cleaner.

Additionally, they will check the filter pressure, backwash the system, and brush the tiles if necessary. They can also perform a chemical balance analysis and add sanitizing chemicals as needed.

Weekly Pool Service - Pinnacle Pool Service

Chemical Service

A weekly chemical maintenance service will ensure that family & guests are swimming in a safe aquatic environment. We’ll take care of the weekly testing and chemical adjustments of your pool/spa.

  • Test and adjust the pool’s water chemistry for Chlorine, pH, and Total Alkalinity each visit
  • Test for conditioner and calcium hardness quarterly
  • Test and monitor salt levels (if applicable)

Chemical / Filter

Includes everything in Chemical service. We will test and apply appropriate chemicals for your pool. Pump pots, skimmer baskets, and cleaner bags will be emptied. Filter pressure is monitored weekly, and the filter will be cleaned or backwashed on a four-month schedule.

  • Empty debris from skimmer and pump baskets
  • Empty pool cleaner bag or canister
  • Untangle pool cleaner hose
  • Make seasonal adjustments or recommendations for the time clock settings
  • Visually inspect pool equipment for proper operation

Chemical / Filter / Brush

We include chemical/filter service plus a brush-down of the sides, steps, tile-line, and swim-outs. Brushing a pool is helpful to remove dirt and debris for the benefit of your in-pool cleaner. Brushing also sends particulates into the filtration system.

  • Brush pool and connected spas steps, seats, or walls
  • Skim pool and connected spas surface, netting leaves and debris

Pinnacle Full Service

We include the weekly filter pressure monitoring and cleaning of the filter on a once-every-four-months schedule. Includes everything in Chemical / Filter / Brush Services, and…

  • Ensure your pool/spa is spotless from top to bottom
  • Skim pools surface, netting leaves, and debris
  • Brush pools steps, seats, and walls as needed
  • Leaf and debris removal
  • Vacuum for small debris as needed
  • Inspect equipment for proper operation