Gas Pool Heater Installation Service

A gas pool heater is a popular option to extend the swimming pool season two to three months. Gas pool heaters add value to your pool precisely because of this. They’re also great for heating the hot tub!

Here are a few things to think about when considering a gas pool heater:

  • Location of installation
  • Gas lines
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing

Our professionals will help you figure out all of that. They’re also trained in various makes and models of pool heaters. So whichever gas heater you go with, they’ll know how to handle it.

Not sure which one to choose? We got you covered on that, too. Pinnacle Pool Service will go through all the options and help you select the one that fits your needs and budget. It’s our goal to take the hassle out of everything pool-related while also saving you money.

Gas Pool Heater

Types of Gas Pool Heaters We Service


Natural gas pool heaters are a reliable, safe, and efficient way to warm your pool water to your preferred temperature.

Inground and above-ground pool heaters are less expensive than electric heaters, allowing you to open your pool earlier in the spring and close it later in autumn. Gas heaters require more maintenance than electric heaters and have a shorter lifespan.


Heat pumps use electricity to capture heat and move it from one place to another, and they don’t generate heat.

Heat pump pool heaters are more efficient and have lower annual operating costs. Because of this, they cost more than gas heaters. They work by having the pool pump circulate the swimming pool’s water through a filter and the heat pump.

Extend Your Swim Season With a Gas Pool Heater!

Installing a gas pool heater can extend your swim season into the cooler months for both residential and commercial pools. They cost more than electric heaters and require more upkeep, but our professionals at Pinnacle will help you pick one for your budget. We also service all equipment we install, so you can have peace of mind while enjoying your pool longer throughout the year.


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