Pool Handrail Installation

Pool handrails give you physical support and safety when getting in and out of your pool or spa – making it easier to get in and out with steps and rails while providing necessary assistance for people with physical limitations or injuries. If you’re already using your pool for exercise, there’s no need to add getting out as part of your workout.

Steps and handrails are essential to consider adding to your pool.

We install and service pool handrails for residential use, hotels, water parks, fitness facilities, apartments, condominiums, country clubs, and resorts.

Pool Handrail Installation - Pinnacle Pool Service

Pool Handrail Installation by Pinnacle Pool Service

Pinnacle Pool Service is a trusted provider of pool handrail installation services for both residential and commercial clients. Our experienced technicians are trained to install pool handrails according to manufacturer specifications and local building codes, ensuring that your handrails are safe and secure for use.

Pool handrails are an important safety feature, providing a stable and secure grip for swimmers entering and exiting the pool. They also offer additional support for those with mobility issues or disabilities.

During the installation process, our team will carefully measure and mark the location of the handrails, drill into the pool deck or coping, and secure the handrails into place using high-quality hardware. We offer a wide range of handrail styles and finishes so that you can find the perfect match for your pool and personal preferences.

Contact Pinnacle Pool Service today to learn more about our pool handrail installation services and how we can help you improve the safety and accessibility of your pool.