Pool Tile Cleaning Services

Let Pinnacle remove those stubborn calcium deposits, so you don’t have to with our pool tile cleaning service. We can safely and quickly remove those stains with our specialized equipment, so your pool’s tile sparkles like new again!

If the surface underlying your tiles isn’t adequately sealed, calcium can bleed out of the grout lines. You can treat these areas, but to stave off calcium buildup, you’ll need a deep cleaning of your pool tiles. Calcium will also accumulate at the waterline if the pH of the pool water runs too high for too long.

If this happens, you’ll get a white line around your pool. We can easily take care of this for you.

Pool Tile Cleaning Service & Pool Tile Repair Service

Step One:

  • We shut off your filter system (and autofill valve).

Step Two:

  • We drop the water level of your pool approximately six feet below the tile, so we can see the calcium that needs to be wiped out.

Step Three:

  • We use a very fine, powder-like bead to protect your tile.

Step Four:

  • However, the bead will fall to the bottom of the pool, so after we’re done we vacuum 99% of the bead and recycle it. Note: If any cloudiness remains after tile cleaning, it will typically clear up in a couple of days. After a week or so, we recommend that you rinse out the cartridge filter (the big one).

Step Five:

  • Finally, we polish off the newly cleaned tile to give it that “wet look.”

Remember, calcium always comes back. Depending on how hard your water is, it typically takes 3 to 5 years for calcium to get the band back together and have a comeback tour on your tile.

After we make your tile shine like new, we’ll leave it to you to refill your pool, turn the system back on, and reset the pool sweep timer, if needed.

Pinnacle Pool Tile Cleaning Service will leave your swimming pool and surrounding area clean and tidy. We also clean pool coping (bull-nose brick and cement) and rock waterfalls.

We Repair Pool Tiles

Pool tiles are manufactured to be frost-free and prevent water absorption, making them very durable. But over time, they can get damaged. Fixing pool tiles is common and easy —it rarely requires replacing all of the tiles.

Occasionally, your original tile will have been discontinued by the supplier. In this case, we will match the tile as closely as possible.

It typically takes about two days for the grout to dry once we’ve made your tile sparkle like new again.