Pool Filter Cleaning & Servicing

Pinnacle Pool Service offers professional cleaning and servicing for swimming pool filters. A clean and well-maintained filter is essential for keeping your pool water clear and free of contaminants. Our experienced technicians will carefully inspect and clean your filter, removing any debris or build-up hindering its performance.

We offer a variety of filter cleaning and servicing options to suit the needs of any pool, and our team is here to help you choose the best one for your specific needs. In addition to cleaning, we also offer repair and maintenance services for filters, ensuring that they function at their best. You can trust Pinnacle Pool Service to handle all your pool filter cleaning and servicing needs.

4 Reasons to have your pool filter serviced

A dirty filter can cause more problems than just a dirty pool. Having your filter serviced regularly will save you money and keep you swimming in a sparkling clear pool.

  • A lower monthly electrical bill
  • Healthier, cleaner pool water
  • A prolonged pool filter life
  • Extended pump motor life

Don’t Void Your Pools Warranty–Get Your Filter Cleaned

Most swimming pool manufacturers and builders require regular filter cleanings as part of their warranty, and failure to comply could void it. Depending on the filter type and manufacturer, cleaning your filter is usually recommended every 3 to 6 months. Also, the number of amps your pool consistently draws is significantly lower with a clean filter.

Between electricity costs and your warranty, getting regular pool service from a professional is a no-brainer. What’s Included With Our Pool Filter Service? A Pinnacle Pool Service technician will completely disassemble all grids and filter internals. Then they will clean the internals and inner tank, using an acid solution as needed to remove calcium buildup. They’ll also lubricate your backwash valve (push-pull or slide). After resealing the tank, they’ll recharge the filter with DE and test for proper filtration.

Looking For Pool Filter Cleaning Service?

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