Acid Wash Services

Are you tired of looking at pool stains sitting in your swimming pool? Are layers of algae on the surface a constant reminder that hydrotherapy season is just out of reach? If this sounds familiar, Pinnacle’s acid wash service might be your solution.

At Pinnacle Pool Service, we understand how difficult it can be to maintain crystal clear waters throughout every season; that’s why our technicians are dedicated to giving your oasis back its luster by draining and removing any unwanted material from the bottom, sides, or surface of your slab foundations such as plaster, gunite or Pebble–Tec.

Our acid wash services eradicate dirt build-ups and stains, so when refilling with fresh H2O – all that’s left will be an inviting turquoise paradise free from unsightly blemishes!

Inground Pool Acid Washing

If you’ve had algae bloom in your pool, algae and phosphates will become embedded in your pool’s finish. That’s why draining, refilling, and throwing in chlorine tablets won’t do the job. You’ll need a professional to etch your finish with an acid wash to get all those nasty leftovers that pool chemicals have missed.

Will an Acid Wash Harm My Pool?

We wouldn’t do it if it did. Pinnacle’s trained and licensed technicians carefully remove the acid before refilling your pool with no harm to the surface. We recommend an acid wash once a year or whenever stains accumulate. Acid washing removes a very thin surface layer, and we don’t recommend you do it more than once a year because it will slightly speed up the need to resurface your pool.

Leave Acid Washing to the Professionals

Muriatic acid is a toxic substance that can be hazardous to your health. Pinnacle Pool Service technicians are trained experts in the handling of this material. They have the proper equipment to drain and clean your pool safely. If done improperly, it can ruin the interior of your pool, which is a costly fix. For this reason, leave acid washing to the professionals.

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