Pool Safety Fence Installation & Repair

At Pinnacle Pool Service, there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as relaxing in a backyard pool during summer. However, aside from having fun, ensuring that your pool has adequate protection for those closest to you and from unwelcome visitors is essential.

As one of the industry’s leading residential safety fence installers, our dedicated team can provide reliable fencing options that will make your space more secure while blending seamlessly into your home’s design aesthetic. When you enlist our services for a pool safety fence installation, rest assured that it will be solid and long–lasting – perfect for providing security throughout multiple seasons of sunshine.

What are the benefits of Pool Safety Fencing?

Having a pool in your backyard can be an enjoyable and even luxurious experience with the proper safety measures. Pinnacle Pool Service reminds you that one of the most effective ways to ensure maximum enjoyment while safeguarding against potential hazards is to install a quality pool fence. Not only will this offer protection for any children present, but it also provides desired privacy and can add an aesthetic appeal to your property – all at once! Plus, many towns might require swimming pool enclosings per local regulations. With different styles of fences to choose from, Pinnacle Pool Service offers an array of options to fit anything you have in mind.

  • Safety — We understand the deadly consequences of accidental drowning and strive to minimize the risk by installing protective fences. Not only are these fences beneficial for keeping curious kids off your property in the first place, but they also help decrease the chances that someone could fall or jump into the water and suffer harm. Drowning is a leading cause of death among children something we aim to prevent at all costs so adding a fence is one way you can ensure the safety of your loved ones near the pool this summer.
  • Privacy — Pinnacle Pool Service understands many pool owners’ privacy concerns. With a pool fence, you can enjoy the freedom and tranquility of swimming in your backyard without worrying about onlookers violating your privacy. A pool fence provides an effective visual barrier between your pool and any intruders, allowing you to relax and swim in peace
  • Adherence to local ordinances It is essential to look into the installation of a pool safety fence if you live in an area where regulations require it failing to do so could result in noncompliance with your town‘s fencing regulations. Taking precautionary steps such as this and putting a secure perimeter around your property will ensure you remain compliant and your family can continue to enjoy all the thrills that a swimming pool brings – without crossing any regulatory boundaries.

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