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Dallas Leak Detection Services

No matter how minor a leak may be, it is still capable of resulting in significant and expensive damage to ones property. If you detect any signs that water might be going astray, expert help should immediately be sought out.

Pinnacle Pool Service of Dallas offers leak detection services within Dallas, Garland, and the surrounding areas. Our pool technicians have years of experience which enables them to accurately identify even the most obscure hidden leaks in no time at all; thereby saving you considerable amounts of stress and money on repairs down the road.

Experts Serving Greater Dallas & Surrounding Areas

Pinnacle Pool Service of Dallas provides comprehensive pool leak detection services in Garland and the greater Dallas area. We utilize sophisticated equipment and methods to isolate the source of your swimming pools leaking issue with professional precision.

Our experienced technicians will conduct a thorough diagnostic review to detect any leaks or cracks that may be present in underground lines, filters, or pumps.

Once identified we will then provide you with an honest assessment and recommend solutions for repair or replacement if necessary. All work is provided quickly and efficiently at competitive prices throughout the Greater Dallas area.

If you suspect there could be a potential problem with your swimming pool; contact us today at (972) 972-4804.

Common Signs That Your Pool May Be Leaking

Here are a few common signs that may indicate that your inground pool is leaking.

High Water Bills

If you experience your autofill running constantly or larger than usual water bills, take it as an indication that there may be a leak in the pool and begin to investigate further. It is possible that the presence of automatic fill devices is masking any potential leaks by keeping the pool continuously filled with more water.

Algae Growth

Instead of treating the water over and over again, it might be more effective to find and repair a leak in order to stop additional untreated water from entering the pool. If not, there will likely be large fluctuations in chemical usage as well as algae growth or discoloration.

Water Level Changes

The clearest sign that a pool is leaking is when the water level drops. However, it’s important to identify whether this loss of liquid is due to evaporation instead of an actual leak.

Factors such as wind speed, air and water temperature, and humidity levels can influence how quickly water evaporates. It’s best to have a professional take a look.

Cracks or Broken Tiles

Excess water in the surrounding ground can cause a pool to become unstable, leading to cracks and tile shifting as the pool settles further into softened soil. Furthermore, there may be gaps in the bond beam due to this settling.

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