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Rockwall Pool Service & Cleaning

Rely on Pinnacle Pool Service of Rockwall, TX to save you time and energy when it comes to maintaining your pool. Our experienced team of professionals will make sure your swimming oasis is uptodate, in perfect condition, and offers you years of enjoyment. We‘ll take care of all repair jobs, balance the water levels, and keep everything clean no matter how big or small the task may be quickly and efficiently. With our assistance, you can rest easy knowing you have a pristine pool each time!

Top Pool Service Company In The Greater Rockwall, TX Area

We are dedicated to providing our clients in Rockwall, TX and the surrounding areas with unparalleled customer service and knowledge. Our team is experienced in all aspects of residential and commercial pool maintenance, repair, safety inspections, upgrades and more. Our pool services range from weekly cleanings to acid washes for cloudiness or green water due to algae blooms; pump/filter installation; equipment repairs such as leaks or motor failures; robotic cleaner installation; plus chemical testing analysis to ensure optimal filter levels. Whatever your pool needs may be you can trust us!

Rockwall Pool Service & Cleaning

At Pinnacle Pool Service, we offer reliable and comprehensive pool service and cleaning for both commercial and residential pools in the Rockwall, TX area. Our trained professionals are dedicated to keeping your pool clean with tailored maintenance services including chemical tests, weekly fullservice cleaning, equipment repairs and more. Backed by years of experience working on various sizes of pools, our knowledgeable staff provides trustworthy advice about how to customize our packages for you. When it comes to all things swimming pools let Pinnacle be your goto source!

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Pool Leak Detections

If you are in Rockwall or the surrounding areas and have a suspected leak in your inground pool, make sure to call us right away! Our team of experienced professionals use the latest technologies available to quickly pinpoint and repair any issues with accuracy. From potential structural damage and plumbing blockages to aging pools; we understand all of the nuances that allow water loss. We value your comfort knowing that any leaks are taken care of promptly so you can continue experiencing all the benefits an inground pool has to offer. Contact us today for peace of mind regarding your inground pool leak detection needs!

Pool Safety Fences

If you live in Rockwall, TX and are looking for superior pool safety fences to secure your backyard swimming area, then we are the top choice. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in proper fencing installation that meets local regulations and guidelines. We use only the highest quality materials available to ensure durability and security. With our services, you can rest assured knowing that children, pets or anyone else at risk around a swimming pool environment will be protected accordingly. Plus all installation estimates include free evaluations & consultations so you can find the best solution for all your safety needs!

Inground Pool Inspections

To ensure optimal safety and maintenance of your pool, our inspection checks for any potential issues like leaking pipes, overgrown vegetation or improper water chemistry balance. After completion of the inspection process, you‘ll receive a detailed report about our findingsensuring that your swimming area is fully prepared for the summer season ahead! Contact us today to book an appointment with Pinnacle Pool Servicethe best choice for inground pool inspections in Rockwall, TX!

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