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Richardson Pool Service & Pool Cleaning

Free up your precious time and energy by leaving the pool maintenance to Pinnacle Pool Service of Richardson, TX a team of experienced professionals. Our meticulous services guarantee that you will have an immaculate swimming area even if the job is big or intricate! Not only are we experts in repairs and balancing water chemistry, but our work is always done quickly with precision so you can enjoy carefree moments for many years. Let us take over all the effort for you, so each time you dip into your own personal paradise it will be absolutely heavenly!

Top Pool Service Company In Richardson Area

Pinnacle Pool Service is dedicated to providing Richardson, TX and nearby communities with trustworthy and helpful support. With a wide array of experience in pool maintenance, restoration, safety assessments, improvements and more we are proud to give customers firstrate services including: weekly cleans; acid baths for when pools suffer from cloudy or green water due to an algae bloom; pump/filter arrangement; equipment repairs like leaking or motor issues; installation of robotic cleaners plus chemical analysis testing for perfect filter levels. Leave it in our capable hands all your swimming worries will disappear!

Richardson Pool Service & Cleaning

If you‘re in Richardson, TX and seeking a reliable pool cleaning services Pinnacle Pool Service is the goto provider. Our highly qualified technicians provide every aspect of pool care including consultation on chemicals, weekly cleanings as well as repairs to parts & systems. With years of experience dealing with all kinds of pools & outdoor areas, our recommendations always guarantee maximum satisfaction specifically meeting your needs. When it comes to high quality pool care services in Richardson – choose Pinnacle!

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Pool Leak Detections

Do you have doubts about your inground pool in Richardson, TX or the surrounding area? Don‘t fret, our experienced professionals are here to help! Utilizing only the latest techniques, we quickly and precisely identify and resolve any concerns you may have. Our team is wellversed in all aspects of structural damage, plumbing blockages, older pools; guaranteeing that no liquid is wasted. Let us take care of your leak issues so that you can continue bathing under the sun without worry. Give us a call now for fast leak detection services in Richardson!

Pool Safety Fences

If you‘re in Richardson, TX and want to make sure your pool stays safe, then Pinnacle Pool Service is the perfect choice. Our specialists have the skills and experience needed to install a secure pool fence that meets all local guidelines. We offer free assessments and consultations so you can find confidently pick out the best solution to provide extra protection for your family. With top quality materials used in every installation, you‘ll rest easy knowing that our fences are built with reliability in mind: contact us now for superior safety!

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Inground Pool Inspections

Take the guesswork out of summertime pool preparation by letting Pinnacle Pool Service do an indepth check on your Richardson, TX inground pool. We‘ll examine all components to root out any hidden issues like leaking pipes or plants that are too close for comfort, as well as assess the water chemistry balance. As a result, you can have full confidence knowing everything is running smoothly and ready for hours of enjoyable swimming when summer arrives. For a comprehensive evaluation, call us today!

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