Are you considering adding a slide to your backyard pool? A pool slide can bring endless fun for the whole family! At Pinnacle Pool Service, we understand the importance of creating your dream backyard while staying within your budget. Here are four key factors to keep in mind when it comes to pool slides:

Diverse Selection of Slide Models

The pool slide industry has significantly expanded over the past decade, offering a wide variety of choices. Gone are the days of limited options; now you can choose from numerous models that are incredibly impressive. From long pool slides to higher & shorter slides, your options are wide open.

    Pool Slides

    Flexibility to Add a Pool Slide Later

    When planning your budget for an inground pool, you may find that certain items need to be purchased immediately, while others can be added later. The good news is that pool slides can be easily installed at a later time with proper planning. Here’s what you should consider:

    • Ensure you have enough patio space (covered in detail later).
    • Make sure a water source is prepared and capped for future use. Pool slides require water from the pool, so it’s advisable to have a plumbing line installed from the filter system to the future slide location. It’s recommended to choose a slide model beforehand, as different slides may require specific pipe stub-up locations.
    Inground Pool Slide

    Strategic Placement of the Slide

    The location of your pool slide is crucial for an enjoyable experience. Ideally, position the slide facing your primary congregating area for two reasons:

    • As the slide is in use, water cascades down into the pool, transforming it into a captivating water feature.
    • Placing the slide where it is visible from the primary area allows you to witness the excitement on the faces of both kids and adults as they slide into the pool. This adds an extra level of fun and engagement.

    Additionally, consider having an exit point, such as a step, bench seat, or ladder, in close proximity to the slide for convenience.

    Inground Pool Slide Addition

    Sufficient Patio Space for Your Slide

    Most pool slides require a minimum area to build. Insufficient patio space around the slide can restrict access around the pool deck, leading to inconvenience or even requiring you to navigate around the pool deck or slide.

    While it’s important to allocate enough patio space, placing the slide directly in the center of a large congregating area may create an awkward space. You can opt to extend the patio around the slide or take out the concrete to accommodate it.

      Inground Pool Slide

      Incorporating a pool slide into your backyard oasis can provide endless entertainment and create lasting memories. By considering these four aspects – the flexibility to add a slide later, strategic slide placement, sufficient patio space, and diverse slide models – you can make an informed decision that suits your needs and preferences. At Pinnacle Pool Service, we are here to assist you in creating the pool of your dreams.