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Swimming is a fantastic full-body workout and can be done year-round in most places. Swimming laps is an excellent way for swimmers to challenge themselves to swim faster and farther. But how many would you have to swim to achieve a mile?

How many laps are in a 25-meter pool?

A standard lap in a pool is 25 meters (about 82 feet), and since a mile equates to roughly 1609 meters, swimming would take about 64 laps – with each lap covering a little over 20 meters.

While this number may seem daunting initially, remember that you can always break it down into smaller chunks. For instance, swimming two laps per minute will only take 40 minutes to swim a mile. And if you can swim even faster than that, the time investment gets even smaller.

So whether you want to add some variety to your workout routine or want to know how far you’ve swum, remember that it takes 80 laps in a 25-meter pool to equal one mile.

Naturally, this number varies depending on the size of the pool. Take as an example a 20-meter-long pool; swimming a mile would take 80 laps.

The easiest way to figure out how many laps you need to swim for a mile is to check the signage at your local pool. They will typically have the pool length posted so you can calculate it. So grab your bathing suit and head to the water for a good workout!

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