What is a pool skimmer

What’s A Pool Skimmer – And Why Is It Important?

Pool filtration starts with the skimmers, small containers that collect large debris floating in the water, keeping them from entering (and potentially blocking) the pool’s filter or pump. They maintain clear water and appropriate water pressure.

Inside the skimmer’s throat, there’s a flapper, or weir, connected at the bottom. When it’s running, water flows through the skimmer, forcing down the weir and allowing the water to carry debris in. 

What The Skimmer Weir Is Doing For You:

1. The weir helps to keep large debris out of the filtration system so it doesn’t clog up.

2. When your equipment shuts off at night, the skimmer weir pops back up, blocking all the debris captured throughout the day from floating back into your pool.

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