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Lake Highlands, TX Pool Service & Pool Cleaning

Save your time and energy by trusting Pinnacle Pool Service of Lake Highlands, TX with all the hard work. Our professionals are highly experienced in repairs and chemical balancing, as well as providing quick work done precisely for lasting a longtime. Rather than waste away hours scrubbing and cleaning, trust us to make sure you have an incredible swimming area that requires minimal effort on your part; every dip in will be so heavenly!

Top Pool Service In Lake Highlands And Beyond

For the best in swimming pool service, Pinnacle Pool Service is your clear choice. Our team of experienced technicians are dedicated to providing Lake Highlands and its surrounding areas with topnotch maintenance, repairs, safety assessments and more. We offer weekly cleanings as well as acid baths for unveiling cloudy or green water caused by algae blooms, plus pump/filter arrangment and equipment repair services for any motor or leak issues. Installing robotic cleaners and precise chemical analysis testing all add up to help maintain the perfect filter balance so when you leave it in our capable hands you can rest easy knowing that all your worries about the pool have evaporated!

Lake Highlands Pool Service & Cleaning

Pinnacle Pool Service is a onestop shop for all of your residential and commercial pool service needs, located in Lake Highlands, Texas. From basic weekly maintenance to more involved services such as pool cleaning and repairs, Pinnacle has the expertise and experience necessary to ensure that your swimming pools are safe, clean, and wellmaintained for years to come. With experienced technicians on hand who understand the area‘s climate changes year round make it easy for us to find solutions tailored specifically for you! Let our team put their knowledge at work so you can enjoy a stress free summer with family & friends!

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Pool Leak Detections

If you‘re worried about possible issues with your inground pool in Lake Highlands, or the surrounding area rest assured! Our team of experts is on hand to assist. With experience and reliable methods, we are able to pinpoint any existing problems related to structural integrity, plumbing blockages or an older pool. You can trust us when it comes to leak detection services in Richardson so that no water gets wasted while still enjoying a worryfree swim under the sun. Get in touch today and benefit from our specialized expertise!

Pool Safety Fences

Are you living in Lake Highlands, TX and wanting to ensure your pool stays as safe as possible? Look no further than Pinnacle Pool Service! Our installation specialists have the knowledge and expertise to assess and install a secure pool fence that meets all local requirements. Plus, when you choose us for the job, you can count on top quality materials so that reliability is never an issue. So let‘s get started todaycall us now for free advice about protecting the ones who matter most!

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Inground Pool Inspections

Don‘t take chances when getting your Lake Highlands, TX pool ready for summertime swimming let Pinnacle Pool Service give it a thorough inspection. We‘ll look over all components of the inground pool to identify any potential problems like leaking pipes or plants that have grown too close. Once we‘re done, you can be sure everything is running as it should, so you can fully enjoy the time spent in the pool during warm weather! To make sure your preparation goes off without a hitch, call us today!

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