Looking For Pool Repairs in Fort Worth, TX?

Pinnacle Pool Service can handle most service & warranty issues related to repairing equipment and every day maintenance items related to your inground swimming pool. We are an authorized Jandy Warranty Station and are happy to provide you with a FREE quote in regards to repairing or installing any new pool equipment. Pinnacle provides the following services:

  • Weekly Maintenance Packages

  • Bi-Weekly Maintenance Packages

  • Opening / Closing Packages

  • Pool Opening Service

  • Pool Closing Service

  • Pool Tile Cleaning

  • Hot Tub / Spa Service

  • Stone / Tile / Deck Sealing

Pool Opening & Pool Closing Service

Contact Pinnacle Pool Service to open your inground pool for the season or to winterize your pool in preparation for closing it for the winter. Avoid costly repairs by making sure your pool is properly opened & closed for the season by contacting a Pinnacle Pool Service technician to handle pool start ups and pool shutdowns.

Pool Opening Service
Pool Closing Service
Remove, Clean & Store Winter Cover
Drop Water Line Below Skimmer Inspect Filter, Pump & Heating Systems Remove Filter & Pump
Balance Water Chemistry Backwash Filter System Vacuum, Brush & Fill Pool
Plug Returns & Skimmers Start Up Equipment Use Winterizing Chemicals
Install Any Removed Handrails / Ladders Apply Your Winter Pool Cover