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Dallas Pool & Spa Inspection Services

If you‘re a homeowner in Dallas, TX, or the surrounding areas and have your own inground pool or hot tub in your backyard, let Pinnacle Pool Service help ensure it‘s a safe oasis with an inspection. Reach out at (972) 972-4804 to schedule an appointment or request a quote now to start your pool inspection.

Comprehensive Pool & Spa Inspections

Before you buy your next home in Dallas or Garland, it‘s important to go into the decision with eyes wide open. For that reason, consider hiring a professional pool service company to inspect your potential property’s pool & spa thoroughly.

A good inspection should be performed by an experienced team that know how to recognize and address different types of issues concerning pools over time. Having a pool inspection now can help you make sure its worth making such a big purchase in the future.

3 Reasons to Get an Inground Pool Inspection Before You Buy a Home With a Pool

As you approach your potential future home and spot a pool you think “That’s great! Who wouldn’t want to relax in their own personal pool?” But stop for a moment. While pools can bring hours of entertainment, they often come with hefty maintenance costs.

Make sure to get the pool inspected if it comes with the house. This small step could potentially save thousands down the road when it comes to repairs or necessary updates needed before being able to open and maintain such an amenity. When deciding on a house that has swimming capabilities, investing in an inspection is always worth it – better safe than sorry!

Possible Hidden Repairs & Maintenance

Swimming pools don’t remain in the same condition over time. With normal use along with the weather and other environmental factors, older swimming pools can become a major financial burden to maintain. Pump systems often need to be repaired, maintained, or swapped and vinyl liners may eventually need replacement too; however, this will depend on how long they have been in place.

The best way of making sure you’re not investing money into a pool that needs extensive repairs is by getting it inspected prior to purchase or installation.

You Are Probably Not An Electrician

When it comes to pool repairs, there is more involved than simply replacing liners and filters. The other major part that many people forget about includes electrical systems like the lights, filter pumps and heaters. However, they are immensely complex and require expert electrical repair services in order to make sure everything is working correctly; a job that most homeowners cannot do themselves.

Ensuring Your Pool Is Up To Code

If you are new to owning a pool, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with the local regulations as there are many rules governing them. Common requirements often include specific fence measurements and material types as well as gates must be lockable for safety reasons. Even if your installation appears compliant, it is best to get a professional inspection before using your pool since small details such minor issues like locks on external windows may not have been considered and could incur hefty fines from non-compliance.

Contact a Pinnacle Pool Service Pool Inspector in Dallas by calling (972) 972-4804 or filling out the form below.